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What’s next?

Wow. What a relief it was to release those images yesterday!!! Although it was hard to let them go for the reasons I mentioned in my previous blog, it was also like a weight off my chest. And honestly, the comments that have come rushing in via Facebook and Instagram have touched me beyond belief. Most importantly, Maggie is absolutely thrilled! And that makes my heart happier than I can express in words.

Thank you, everyone!!!

Thank you, everyone!!!


So what is next?!

Well, first and foremost, I am a Denver Portrait Photographer. So the majority of my current clients are right here in beautiful Colorado! But as you may have guessed, I adore traveling! I say that I am available worldwide…and I am…but typically if I’m traveling to an out of state/country client, they are responsible for my airfare and accommodations. If, however you schedule your portrait session when I’m already traveling where you want to be photographed, there is no travel fee!


Although I’ve put a ton of focus on this side of my brand, I’m also a family and wedding photographer. When you’re finished reading this blog, scroll back up and check out my work by clicking here!


My next trip involves photographing a wedding in beautiful Ireland! I will be blogging the images over on the other website, so stay tuned for that! Ireland is one incredible place and I cannot wait for my return!

Ireland is everything.

Ireland is everything.


In the first half of 2019 I will return (again!) to Ireland, with likely trips to London and Paris added on. Within the U.S. I will be going to both Memphis and Baltimore. But the announcement I’ve been waiting to share with all of you is that for the very first time, I will be traveling to…

This image has nothing to do with where I’m headed next. Just enjoy.

This image has nothing to do with where I’m headed next. Just enjoy.

Iceland!!!! That’s all I Can say for now. But as that new journey unfolds, I will absolutely be sharing here on the blog!!! If you have any interest in booking your portrait session for the above locations, please begin the process here. There you can learn about the full experience I offer, and from there you can contact me to begin the exciting process of booking!

Princess Dreams

I know that some of you were following along with the Paris journey since before we even left, while others of you are just now learning that Maggie has basically missed her calling as a professional model!!!

What I want to emphasize is that my clients are real people, just like you. My portrait sessions are all fully directed; you do not need to know how to “be a model” when you arrive. But if I’ve done my job correctly, you will leave feeling like one. Many of my clients have never been photographed professionally, aside from their wedding day. You do not need to have any experience. Instead, let me give you an experience that you will treasure forever.

Please click play on the above video and enjoy!

My princess dreams have come to life in these. Thanks for the best experience.
— Maggie

Jardin du Luxembourg | Denver Portrait Photographer

Dream a little (or big) dream

Just over a year ago I had a dream and set a goal to photograph a client in Paris. I wrote it down and made it public. And as I sit here, it bewilders me that not only did that dream come true, it’s now weeks…nearly months…behind me. I think it’s because of that that I’ve been unable to publish these final images from Paris.

I’m used to living with my dreams. I’ve dreamt of being a parent my whole life and I’m often shocked that I’ve made it to 35 childless. And yet the odd thing is, the wanting…the yearning…the constant visualization of parenthood, sits by me like an old friend. I’m better acquainted with the dreaming of that dream than the living of that dream. Some dreams take a long time to come to fruition. But Photographing a client in Paris came to life way, way faster than I anticipated. And I just haven’t had the courage to admit that it’s really over.


I know that Maggie was the first of many portrait clients I will photograph in Paris over the full span of my career. But there is something so incredible and irreplaceable about the first time you have an experience like this. It is so dear to me that I’ve kept it very, very close to my heart.

Let it go

I saved the portraits from the Jardin du Luxembourg for last because standing there, camera in hand, was pure magic to me. The Luxembourg Gardens may not be quite as iconic as the Eiffel Tower or Versailles, but those magical trees are what inspired me to set a goal bigger than I felt I had in me. And because of that, I had to wait till the end to share these images. I’m now ready to let go…


These images will always remind me that absolutely anything is possible when you have a clear vision and focus.


And while it was the rows of trees that brought us to Paris, it was another part of the Jardin du Luxembourg that unexpectedly sent me home with my favorite portrait from our entire adventure.


I want to thank everyone who has followed along on this journey so faithfully. I hope that it inspires you to dream way bigger than you’ve ever allowed yourself to do before. And I hope that you can now see the amount of time, planning, work, care and love it takes to create heirloom art for such extraordinary clients. It is my sincerest hope that whoever is reading this becomes the next subject in front of the lens of my camera. I cannot wait to photograph you. To book, please click here.


And while I have now revealed all of the finished images from Paris, there are two more surprises! In tomorrow’s blog, you will see the long-awaited behind-the-scenes video from Maggie’s Dream Portrait experience. And though it has been so hard to let go and move forward, 2019 is truly right around the corner…and I already know where I’ll be traveling to! Stay tuned for the announcement tomorrow.

it’s going to be epic.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
— Walt Disney

The Eiffel Tower at dawn | Denver Portrait Photographer

An (almost) American in Paris

Today is an exciting day in our house, as My European beau will officially become American!!

My handsome assistant/leprechaun

My handsome assistant/leprechaun

The last time I attended a naturalization ceremony it was my own in the early 1980’s! I came here from Brasil as a baby and obviously have no recollection of being anything but American. So it’s been exciting watching the process from another perspective…and I can barely wait for the ceremony!!! Make sure to wish Martin good luck in the comment section on Facebook!

Of course, it’s so ironic that Martin has worked so hard to become American when I basically feel I should have been European!!! And speaking of Europe…

A dream dress

Months ago I was certain I had all the wardrobe needed for Paris. To be honest, I felt I had too much. But one night I couldn’t sleep and started browsing the internet, when I stumbled upon a gorgeous ball gown. I felt a bit conflicted about it…I wasn’t sure how Maggie would feel about the floral design…but I decided to take a chance and go with my intuition.



I’m gay

I’m gay

I’m so glad that I did because when I pulled it out of the package, I full on gay gasped. And before MAggie came to my office to see it, I took some time…well, a lot of time…and applied Swarovski crystals all over the bodice.

Maggie is a very quiet and reserved person. But I think her voice sped up and raised an octave when she saw this dress.

“ooh, yes…I…I really like this one.”


IT made my heart smile to see MAggie so excited…and the moment I had the thought, “maybe this should be the Eiffel Tower dress”, I felt a chill rush up my spine.

Magic at sunrise


Although I loved the way Maggie’s natural hair looked with the ball gown, I wanted to do something a bit more vintage-inspired and dramatic. I commissioned Carl Brown to make a blonde wig that would add some magic to our first portrait session in Paris. And oh my bread…did he create some magic!!!


Carl said that when people come to him for styled wigs, they often want to look just like Dita Von Teese and that while he loves that look (and creates it very beautifully), his bigger passion was actually in creating something even more artistic and unique. And it’s true…upon seeing the finished product I said that I’d never seen such an intricate style on a wig before!! It also felt amazing to let another artist have the freedom to create from their heart. I’ve quickly learned in business to only photograph what I want to photograph, in the style that makes me happy. I’m no use to the world, otherwise. Too many photographers try to photograph every genre and be everything for everyone, when at the end of the day they feel empty inside.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman

I will never forget how exhilarating it was to be at the Trocadero at sunrise, when I had dreamed of being there for so long. It’s a very popular spot for photography at any hour, even first thing in the morning. I had so much anxiety about getting my dream shot for Maggie, wondering if we would be fighting off a herd of photogs who had the same idea. But somehow, we did it!

Getting that perfect shot!

Getting that perfect shot!


I worked a long time to get these images done, as there was a lot more post-processing required in comparison to many of the other portrait sessions. And while I know that these have been some of the most anticipated portraits from our time in Paris, I have saved my absolute favorites for last. Please stay tuned…the Jardin du Luxembourg is next.

IMG_3087 2.JPG

Link of the day

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Lady in Red | Denver Portrait Photographer

Creating artwork

A photographer’s work does not start and end at a portrait session. In fact, it’s often just after I get home from photographing somebody that I say, “ok…may the work begin”!


The image above took around three hours to edit and retouch. People are often shocked that it’s more complicated than sticking an Instagram filter over my work and calling it a day! Instead, a tremendous amount of time and energy goes into every single finished image that I create for my clients. I want them to truly feel that they have commissioned me for heirloom artwork, and to accomplish that I must allow lots and lots of time for every single portrait I plan to deliver.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I post a lot of my editing process for you to see via Instagram Stories. For those who haven’t seen this process (or want to watch it again), I’ve saved a recent Instagram Story where I show the editing of an image from start to finish. Remember that this is about three hours cut down to 21 minutes and that some images will take less time, others more.

When I saved the story from Instagram, there was a clicking sound between each short video that I couldn’t edit out. Sorry about that!

Lady in Red

Maggie in a Denver fitting. Thank you, Facebook followers…the red looked amazing!!!

Maggie in a Denver fitting. Thank you, Facebook followers…the red looked amazing!!!


After putting a poll out on my Facebook page, I opted to bring a burgundy ball gown to Paris. We were going to be staying in a fancy place, so I needed a fancy party dress for Maggie to wear!


Out of all the wardrobe I had in my suitcase, I think it was the petticoat that went underneath this gown that took up the most space! But it was absolutely worth it!!


These portraits were all taken on our last full day in Paris. We were all completely exhausted and starting to yearn for home, but to me they are just as gorgeous as the images from day one when we were fresh, rested and enthusiastic!

Speaking of the beginning of our trip, my next blog will reveal the images from our very first portrait session in Paris. And if you haven’t been following along or can’t remember, that means images from the Eiffel Tower!!! I’m so excited for you to see! Stay tuned.


Link of the day

I couldn’t create what I do without the help of my glam squad! They truly make magic possible!! Please check out our incredible Paris Hair/Makeup Artist’s page and give it some love!!! Click here!

A Star Is Born | Denver Portrait Photographer

A Star Is Born

While being on vacation can have its perks, getting back into the swing of reality can be a challenge! Even more so when you are your own boss and responsible for pushing yourself!

After a long stretch of editing, answering emails and updating my business plan for 2019, I decided to take a break and spend some time dating my fiance! We are coming up on our third anniversary and we have tried to keep “date night” alive. As we both run businesses, we are often home and yet go for stretches without seeing each other during the day. We know that this can affect our relationship even more once we are parents, so we have created the good habit now of going on a date once a week.


Today we decided to see “A Star Is Born”. We hadn’t seen it until now because one, I was traveling and two, I felt I had to see the previous versions first. There are actually three versions of “A Star Is Born” prior to the new one, as well as the original “What Price Hollywood?”. I still need to see the very original, but I’ve now seen all FOUR versions of “A Star Is Born”! And wow…what a story, told four incredible ways!

There’s a whole different (and very important) blog that I might write addressing the addiction at the center of every film, but I think there’s another message that’s often overlooked. The female protagonist starts each film with an amazing gift to share with the world, but it hasn’t been shared on a wide spectrum, yet. The four actresses all portrayed varying degrees of self-esteem and confidence in their character’s ability to rise to stardom at the beginning of each film, and all were met with both resistance and an industry wanting to change and control their image.


But through every telling of the story, we see Esther/Vicki/Ally come out from hiding behind self-doubt and fear. Although the character absolutely faces the reality of loving somebody in a great deal of pain, she also has to face loving herself enough to let the world in and hear her voice. Each journey reminds me of a powerful quote that I first read long ago and have shared many times since:

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open.
— Martha Graham

That quote is as true today as the day it was written for the first time. I so firmly believe that we all have a gift to share with the world and it is so important to continue walking towards the dreams that are calling you. I think that so many people give up and take their own true passion and potential to the grave and to me, that is heartbreaking.

There are times when running a business is overwhelming and intimidating. I absolutely never know where my next client is coming from and I always fear that once they show up, I will disappoint them. But I know that it’s not my business to have an opinion of my own art, as my perfectionist mind will never be happy or completely satisfied. Instead, I have to be an open channel between my client and the heirloom art that they are meant to hold in their hands and pass to their loved ones someday.

Please go see "A Star Is Born”. There are so many lessons in it. And so much beauty. Be inspired by it. And find the confidence in you to live your best life.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.
— Henry David Thoreau

A Star in Paris

Although my clients are not professional models, I oftentimes look at their finished images and feel like they missed their calling! But more than having a future career posing for fashion photographers in Milan, I want my clients to feel EMPOWERED and confident by the end of their experience. Having somebody believe in you…see your inner light and help share it with the world…is no small thing for a human being to receive.


We see the power of this in every incarnation of “A Star Is Born” and you can probably recall somebody who has changed your own destiny, simply by reminding you of your greatness. I hope to do that for every client that walks through my office door…and I hope that I have done that for Maggie, who is absolutely a star to me.


It’s been over a year since I made my public intention to photograph a client in Paris, and it’s terribly bittersweet to me that I’m nearly finished working on these images. But there are absolutely things that keep me going as I move forward. First, the joy in knowing that this experience will live on in my heart forever…and that the images of Maggie will, quite literally, outlive both of us.

And second, I never know who I will photograph next. It equally terrifies and exhilarates me. But like with everything else in life, you just have to keep moving forward and the perfect people will always show up at the perfect time. You just have to be ready to let each other in.

Whoever you are, I hope you are ready to be photographed by me…


…because I cannot wait to photograph you.


Link of the day

The gorgeous gown featured in this portrait session is perhaps the only one I cannot offer to Denver/U.S. clients. But it IS available for clients who book a Dream Session in Paris! To see more of what you can choose from, please visit Elyssa Couture’s website here and start planning!

The Bar Suit | Denver Portrait Photographer

Back from vacation!

Vacations are amazing because you can take photographs with your golden retriever like this for absolutely no reason, instead of working!

Vacations are amazing because you can take photographs with your golden retriever like this for absolutely no reason, instead of working!


Hello to all of my readers! I’ve just put back on my Denver Portrait Photographer hat after a two week vacation! I was on the east coast visiting family, as well as visiting a potential wedding venue with my lovely fiance! We absolutely love the place that we took a tour of, but have no idea what we can realistically afford. We also want to have a baby via gestational surrogacy, so we’re not sure what is our priority, yet. But it was still fun to finally see a place as an engaged couple!

Martin wandering under a magical tree located on the grounds of a potential wedding venue

Martin wandering under a magical tree located on the grounds of a potential wedding venue

I had a great time with family, celebrating my Mom’s 75th birthday. It’s always so emotional to visit home…and as an adult, it’s odd to think of leaving home to go visit home! My Mom always has been and always will be my best friend. At 75 years old, she still takes care of pretty much everyone around her, which never leaves much time for me to see her one on one. But I treasured the time I did have with her, as just being in her gentle presence reminds you that everything in life is going to be ok.

Growing up I had a…shall we say, “Strained” relationship with my father. When I was younger, I felt this was because we were so different. And while that is absolutely true in certain areas, a lot of what bugs me about my dad has to do with our similarities. Funny how you realize that the older you get! With time, our relationship has improved…and I have never questioned that he loves me.

During my stay, my dad presented me with a wrapped package. I had no idea why, as my birthday was months ago. When I opened it, I was shocked to see that my dad had taken the time to print out all of the blogs I wrote during my Paris stay and had created a keepsake book. It truly, truly warmed my heart. I do not ever take it for granted to have such wonderful, incredible parents.

And speaking of Paris…

Going back into time

Maggie in a pre-Paris test shoot!

Maggie in a pre-Paris test shoot!


My Paris obsession was really fueled after falling in love with the Dior Bar Suit, originally created by Christian Dior in 1947. The iconic black and white photograph of the Bar Suit was taken between 1955 and 1957, and that’s what I was determined to pay homage to.


Although I had photographed Maggie back in Denver wearing the Bar Suit, I wanted to do something different in Paris. In Denver we used a vintage “saucer hat”, similar to the one seen in the iconic photo. And while it looked amazing on Maggie, I was afraid to bring it in my suitcase to Paris. Instead, I left the straw hat at home and opted for Maggie to be a redhead!

I purchased a gorgeous red curly wig by Carl Brown, which I felt would look so gorgeous with the simple colors of the Bar Suit. Combined with the “God light” (as photographer Sue Bryce would say) of that morning, I feel like we truly made magic!


Link of the day

To purchase the beautiful and classic black pumps that Maggie wore for many of the looks we shot in Paris, please click here!

Second Chances | Denver Portrait Photographer

I’m sorry to keep everyone waiting on that last cliffhanger!! I’ve been busy preparing for another (non-work related) trip! So Let’s get right to it!


First, some back story ;)

Everything is beautiful at the ballet (usually)


As a former dancer with the Miami City Ballet, I have an eye for photographing dancers. You cannot help but have that eye after spending your life working towards mastering the art form.


Early in my professional photography career I was hired by a small company to photograph one of their productions. The production, while showcasing the dancers, also included a guest appearance by a very, very famous ballerina. I felt absolutely starstruck, even though we, quite honestly, had mutual friends and were fairly close in age.

The company was my client. They received the images I created. Anybody else was allowed to view and purchase the images if they wanted…but the company was, in this situation, my client.

After posting a few preview images online, I just happened to visit the star ballerina’s social media account. There, on her page, was my image of her. Despite a copyright notice, the image had been screenshot, a filter added and nowhere in the caption was a credit to me.

I still remember that this made me burst into tears. The dancer’s following was significant, to say the least. And when you are in a referral based business like mine (really, every business is), having somebody credit you when they have a massive amount of social media followers can be career-changing. But nope. No credit. And no respect.

When I was a professional dancer, we were always told to credit the photographer if sharing their work. When I didn’t, it was because I was young and didn’t know better. But this dancer was employed as a principal by one of the most famous companies in the world. This wasn’t her first rodeo.

The trouble was, I had no self-esteem. I felt like a big nobody. I was just starting out in my new career. And I respected her greatly as an artist. So I had no idea how to write her directly and say, “Hi! I’m such a big fan! You are seriously INCREDIBLE!!!! What an honor it was to photograph you!!! Also, you stole that.”

So instead, I never reached out to her.

Eventually some friends heard about the situation and sort of “went after” her in the comments of the image. She eventually put a credit in the caption. But by then the image had been seen and for the most part, forgotten by her followers. After that, I started writing a more serious copyright notice in every caption of every professional image I posted And tried to move on with the hustle that is running a Denver photography business.

The mature thing

Last week Martin and I sat down to dinner. As we filled each other in on our days, I updated him on the stolen image. We were newly dating when the dancer mentioned above had taken my image, and since then he has seen several other incidents of copyright infringement occur. Martin was absolutely disappointed that it had happened once again…and as he listened and nodded to the whole story, he finished by asking me one question:

“So did you contact them and ask them to take it down?”

I hated telling him no, but that was the truth. Why? I don’t like confrontation. Or as most of you call it, “Communication”.

“No. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It never seems to end well. It never seems to solve the problem. They ignore me or get offended. So I just…well, I blocked the company.”


“I mean, at least they won’t be able to take any other images.”

(More silence)

When we know better, we do better

Martin strongly felt I should contact the company, but He understood why I didn’t want to. And really, it felt like I had every right to know why they had bypassed a very, very clear copyright notice and taken my image without permission. I had paid them almost $400 for their product…they had taken my image for free without permission…and so why did I feel like I was the “bad guy” of the situation?? I mean, Why couldn’t I stand up to the dancer? I’ve been around dancers my whole life and despite how famous some of them seem, they are just people like you and me. So why was I so scared? I’m still examining this inside of myself.

I decided to ignore Martin’s advice and just move on. And that’s when I opened my Instagram account and saw a new direct message request. I immediately knew who it was: The owner of the company had messaged me from her personal account.

“Hi. I noticed that you blocked me on my business account and I wasn’t sure why. If there is something I did wrong, please tell me so that I can fix it immediately.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I felt myself wanting to be insanely apologetic. Instead, I stood up for myself. Diplomatically, yes. But I stood up for myself. I said that my image had been taken, despite a very clear copyright notice. I said the image was reposted in an incorrect crop, hiding my watermark and part of Maggie’s head. And I said that I would have given her the image for free, but that everything had happened behind my back.

I held my breath. And then the communication started.

The business owner said that she had been under the impression that she had done everything correctly and that she only wanted to help my image and business to be seen. I then explained how selling photographs…not giving them…is how I make my living. It is what puts food on the table. IT is what will pay for a house…a wedding…babies. It’s my livelihood. And that giving an image for free is always a courtesy and a gift, not something that should be taken for granted.

The more we talked, the more we got on the same page. She started telling me about how people were stealing from her company in a different way, and how she was dealing with that…and suddenly she understood where I was coming from. She understood that the equivalent would be me walking into her office or business, picking up a piece of merchandise, and happily walking out without paying.

I apologized for not approaching her, myself…and for blocking her. Avoiding seemed so much easier, especially with my social anxiety. And I certainly had not expected the conversation to go as well as it did. Her company was actually quite big and in my experience, those companies often won’t even see or answer direct messages via Instagram. There’s always the comment section…but commenting negatively as your business can also bring trouble and drama from other people. So instead of handling it, I blocked her.

We ended the conversation with open hearts. I agreed to send her future images so she could post them without unflattering crops, and she agreed to give me a discount on future purchases. It truly made me smile, even though the conversation was very unexpected.

I believe that the more my business grows, the less time I will have to worry about these things happening. I doubt that the most famous photographers in the world are worried about people screen shooting their images, unless the person who did it is somehow making a massive profit off the stolen work. It’s an ongoing struggle for me now, though as my business is still so young and tomorrow’s client…and paycheck…never feels guaranteed to me. So I’m still very, very protective of my work.

All that I can say is that I’m grateful for the lesson. I’m also grateful for my voice being heard by a fellow business owner, and the chance to educate somebody who didn’t know better. When we know better, we do better.

(sigh) I love a happy ending. Now back to France.

Golden Hour in Paris

The moment I unboxed the gold dress that my followers encouraged me to bring to Paris, I absolutely knew that it had to be photographed either just after sunrise or just before sunset. Portraits at this time will almost always wrap your subject in a blanket of gold light.


And although I’m partial to a nice ballgown, I’ll have to agree with my Facebook and Instagram followers: this dress is a keeper!!!


the sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light.
— S. Ajna

These portraits of Maggie were taken at Pont Alexandre III, a gorgeous bridge over the Seine in Paris. I was inspired to go there after seeing many artists in my industry creating art at sunrise. It was an honor to be standing where they once stood, and powerful to know that others would stand there after me, camera or paintbrush in hand.


Well, we are almost done with the reveal of Maggie’s portraits in Paris! Of course, I have saved my very favorites for last! Not to tease you, but because I have spent extra time making them perfect! Please keep your eye on this blog…after a very short hiatus (involving visiting family and wedding venue shopping), the final portraits will be revealed here!!!


Red Hot in Chinatown | Denver Portrait Photographer

Unexpected News

This has been a crazy and exhausting week! And how is it already Fall?!!! I’ve been so busy planning Paris…traveling to Paris…editing Paris…time is just flying by too fast! This Denver Portrait Photographer is not complaining, though! I absolutely LOVE Fall weather for outdoor portrait sessions! I’m traveling a bit from now until the end of the year, but I would love to make time to photograph you before Winter arrives!

I love Fall so much!!! If you want to book your portrait session before it gets too cold, please begin the process now! You can click   here   to learn about the experience I offer, and     here     to begin the booking process :)

I love Fall so much!!! If you want to book your portrait session before it gets too cold, please begin the process now! You can click here to learn about the experience I offer, and here to begin the booking process :)

Oooh and before I forget: An unexpected new development has occurred in the stolen image saga. And it begins with me blocking the person who took the image and them finding another way to contact me.

Stay tuned.

And now let’s travel back to Paris…

Red Hot Scenic View

One of the Paris looks I originally planned was that of a powerful business woman or CEO. Although I absolutely adore both romantic and vintage-inspired images, that is not all that I can offer my clients!

Denver fitting

Denver fitting


The red jacket chosen for the look resembled a modern day Bar Jacket, gorgeously accentuating the waist. But location can absolutely change everything. I chose the location for the portrait session on blind faith. The Paris guidebook I had been reading talked about an amazing and scenic view of the Eiffel Tower that many people don’t know about. I pictured what it must look like and suggested that it serve as our red hot CEO location.


On the metro. I was feeling festive, apparently.

On the metro. I was feeling festive, apparently.


When we arrived via metro, my heart sank a bit. The area was way rougher around the edges than I had imagined…in fact, it honestly looked nothing like I had visualized. Up until then, all of Paris had looked relatively similar to me…the gorgeous buildings with those incredible little decorative balconies…pastry shops on every corner…everything trimmed in gold. But this? No, this was different. And part of me feels that the locals would say this area was more authentically Paris, and that everything I had seen prior was the touristy area.

We walked for a few minutes in disappointed silence, saw the “scenic view” of the Eiffel Tower, and quickly realized that it wasn’t going to work. The view was great, but with the style I shoot in, I knew the Eiffel Tower wouldn’t show up in my shot. We kept walking in hopes to find a great place to start, and suddenly found a well-lit alleyway with graffiti. I pulled out my camera and we got to work.

Listen…they wrote it, not me.

Listen…they wrote it, not me.


Within a few shots, I wasn’t feeling it…and intuition is very important when it comes to creating. I loved the red jacket and I loved Maggie in it, but it just didn’t fit what I was going for. I then had the idea to photograph her in the middle of the busy crowds walking on the street (maybe to an important meeting?), but the setting just seemed too…I don’t know…”gritty”. I wanted CEO…not “West Side Story”. It was then that I said to Maggie, “alright…change of plans…let’s lose the jacket!”

within moments I knew that this was a way better direction to go.


We were able to get a lot done very quickly, and while none of my favorite shots from that day included the red jacket (or the Eiffel Tower…or the red soles that I spent forever painting on Maggie’s shoes), I think we still made magic ;) Sometimes you can plan and plan…and then the Universe will show you something even better.

Lesson learned.

This jacket normally comes in black, but can be special ordered in red!

This jacket normally comes in black, but can be special ordered in red!

Link of the day

Although we didn’t use the red jacket very long, I’m absolutely using it for future portrait sessions! To purchase it, please click here!