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What’s next?

Wow. What a relief it was to release those images yesterday!!! Although it was hard to let them go for the reasons I mentioned in my previous blog, it was also like a weight off my chest. And honestly, the comments that have come rushing in via Facebook and Instagram have touched me beyond belief. Most importantly, Maggie is absolutely thrilled! And that makes my heart happier than I can express in words.

Thank you, everyone!!!

Thank you, everyone!!!


So what is next?!

Well, first and foremost, I am a Denver Portrait Photographer. So the majority of my current clients are right here in beautiful Colorado! But as you may have guessed, I adore traveling! I say that I am available worldwide…and I am…but typically if I’m traveling to an out of state/country client, they are responsible for my airfare and accommodations. If, however you schedule your portrait session when I’m already traveling where you want to be photographed, there is no travel fee!


Although I’ve put a ton of focus on this side of my brand, I’m also a family and wedding photographer. When you’re finished reading this blog, scroll back up and check out my work by clicking here!


My next trip involves photographing a wedding in beautiful Ireland! I will be blogging the images over on the other website, so stay tuned for that! Ireland is one incredible place and I cannot wait for my return!

Ireland is everything.

Ireland is everything.


In the first half of 2019 I will return (again!) to Ireland, with likely trips to London and Paris added on. Within the U.S. I will be going to both Memphis and Baltimore. But the announcement I’ve been waiting to share with all of you is that for the very first time, I will be traveling to…

This image has nothing to do with where I’m headed next. Just enjoy.

This image has nothing to do with where I’m headed next. Just enjoy.

Iceland!!!! That’s all I Can say for now. But as that new journey unfolds, I will absolutely be sharing here on the blog!!! If you have any interest in booking your portrait session for the above locations, please begin the process here. There you can learn about the full experience I offer, and from there you can contact me to begin the exciting process of booking!

Princess Dreams

I know that some of you were following along with the Paris journey since before we even left, while others of you are just now learning that Maggie has basically missed her calling as a professional model!!!

What I want to emphasize is that my clients are real people, just like you. My portrait sessions are all fully directed; you do not need to know how to “be a model” when you arrive. But if I’ve done my job correctly, you will leave feeling like one. Many of my clients have never been photographed professionally, aside from their wedding day. You do not need to have any experience. Instead, let me give you an experience that you will treasure forever.

Please click play on the above video and enjoy!

My princess dreams have come to life in these. Thanks for the best experience.
— Maggie