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Creating artwork

A photographer’s work does not start and end at a portrait session. In fact, it’s often just after I get home from photographing somebody that I say, “ok…may the work begin”!


The image above took around three hours to edit and retouch. People are often shocked that it’s more complicated than sticking an Instagram filter over my work and calling it a day! Instead, a tremendous amount of time and energy goes into every single finished image that I create for my clients. I want them to truly feel that they have commissioned me for heirloom artwork, and to accomplish that I must allow lots and lots of time for every single portrait I plan to deliver.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I post a lot of my editing process for you to see via Instagram Stories. For those who haven’t seen this process (or want to watch it again), I’ve saved a recent Instagram Story where I show the editing of an image from start to finish. Remember that this is about three hours cut down to 21 minutes and that some images will take less time, others more.

When I saved the story from Instagram, there was a clicking sound between each short video that I couldn’t edit out. Sorry about that!

Lady in Red

Maggie in a Denver fitting. Thank you, Facebook followers…the red looked amazing!!!

Maggie in a Denver fitting. Thank you, Facebook followers…the red looked amazing!!!


After putting a poll out on my Facebook page, I opted to bring a burgundy ball gown to Paris. We were going to be staying in a fancy place, so I needed a fancy party dress for Maggie to wear!


Out of all the wardrobe I had in my suitcase, I think it was the petticoat that went underneath this gown that took up the most space! But it was absolutely worth it!!


These portraits were all taken on our last full day in Paris. We were all completely exhausted and starting to yearn for home, but to me they are just as gorgeous as the images from day one when we were fresh, rested and enthusiastic!

Speaking of the beginning of our trip, my next blog will reveal the images from our very first portrait session in Paris. And if you haven’t been following along or can’t remember, that means images from the Eiffel Tower!!! I’m so excited for you to see! Stay tuned.


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I couldn’t create what I do without the help of my glam squad! They truly make magic possible!! Please check out our incredible Paris Hair/Makeup Artist’s page and give it some love!!! Click here!